About Us

FitNut offers Corporate Wellness Programs, healthy eating and fitness tips for all their readers.

The nation is facing an obesity epidemic, and this crisis is expected to produce increasing numbers of degenerative disease conditions caused by poor diet and exercise habits. By addressing the fundamental components of everyday life, work, and household, we expect to help people recover from degenerative conditions, and adopt preventative behaviors.

We work directly with companies of varying sizes to help them avoid workman’s compensation claims, retain valuable employees, reduce the impact of rising health insurance costs, and take advantage of wellness tax breaks. Through customization and scalability, our programs reach a broader audience in private and government work place environments.

FitNut has a keen understanding of the requirements to develop Corporate Wellness Programs that can specifically protect and promote health through programs, policies, and practices in the workplace. Successful wellness programs require a combination of wellness program development, marketing expertise, and project management.



Corporate Wellness Programs

The FitNut Team has a proven record of providing precisely this vision of service. This includes the administration of large-scale project management, corporate wellness programs for diverse companies, and deployed innovative marketing strategies that reach target markets. The FitNut Team brings experience in health risk stratification, fitness and nutrition program development and measurement, participant retention strategies, and motivation.

The company strengths are in the length of experience and exposure to practices in:

  • fitness training
  • physical adaptation
  • nutritional research
  • customer service
  • food preparation
  • cultural diversity

FitNut has a standardized service delivery model that guarantees the service-level quality independent of who in the FitNut company is delivering the service. Additionally, we have over 30 years of collective exposure in corporate jobs that include technology, government contracts, business relationships, client service management and other structured professional environments. FitNut is built upon the lifelong passions of its owners: we do it because we believe in what we are doing.

The Corporate Wellness Team

FitNut is built on a dynamic partnership between two accomplished women. Through sometimes varied and other times quite similar paths, Jaye Alynn and Krista McGalliard bring a wealth of skills and talent to make FitNut an innovative corporate wellness company destined to change the way we look at getting Americans healthy.

Jaye Alynn, founder of InSite Wellness and President of FitNut (DBA), is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist with a Bachelors degree in applied mathematics. She also has a background as an ACE certified personal trainer and currently maintains her certification as a Heart Zones Personal Trainer through Heart Zones USA. Although we can easily say that her fitness insights and nutritional wisdom stand heads above the competition, her ability to reach people with physical and emotional limitations stems from a genuine personal awareness that inspires the people we need to reach to believe in themselves. As an amputee, Jaye has been a role model for individuals dealing with limitations through the use of functional adaptations. This ‘remodeling’ approach also plays into her nutrition education programs, allowing people to embrace new behaviors in ways that are meaningful to them.

Jaye draws on her math background and career in computer technology to develop analytical tools like the FitNut ScoreFit TM tool, Cost justification documents and Return on Investment Calculations. Whether we are trying to reach an individual or a company, these tools are our primary means of effective communication. Since we have determined that wellness messages over the last few decades have not exactly penetrated our target market, it stands to reason that our mode of communication needs to change. Jaye brings that unique perspective into our business operations and wellness programs.

Krista McGalliard, co-owner of FitNut and Program Director, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a passion for fitness. Her project management practice provides an element of standardization to the fitness and wellness industry that is not customary to most corporate wellness programs. After successfully managing large implementation projects for state and federal agencies like the State of California, Department of Interior and Department of Energy, Krista brings a corporate wellness value proposition to companies by structuring wellness plans just like any other capital-generating campaign within the company. Her experience with government contracts also helped to expand FitNut’s target market to include the government sector.

Krista also brings mastery in skills for team facilitation, customer service, and building strategic partnerships with innovative service providers. Facilitation is a huge differentiator between FitNut and all of her competition. We hold hands with company stakeholders (Health Committee) to not only ensure a successful wellness program, but also help the company learn how to maintain a wellness culture in our absence. Our strategic partnerships have provided FitNut with additional differentiators that help us better reach the communities that both need us the most and make the biggest difference as we change trends in the current health crisis.

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