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Corporate Wellness Beyond the Bottom Line

Corporate wellness extends WAY beyond the bottom line! These days there is more and more information about Corporate Wellness Programs. Using a quick Google search you can find all sorts of statistics on how companies can easily recoup the costs of a Corporate Wellness Program through reductions in workman’s compensation claims, insurance premiums and sick days. One thing they won’t talk about is the impact of wellness programs beyond the bottom line.

Corporate Wellness Beyond the Bottom LineBefore leaving the corporate world for the world of fitness, I managed IT professionals. Over a period of 10 years I managed both small and large teams. One of the things I learned to value above all else is the talents each individual brings to a company. Quality employees bring a lot to a company like good work ethic and technical skills that build great customer service.

Great employees are the face of any company both behind the scenes and directly in front of the customer.

Several times in my career I have had to deal with the loss of a good employee either due to prolonged illness or quitting. Not only do you lose a valued asset, but when you are down an employee the work is still there and getting everything done puts additional stress on the remaining employees.
Healthy employees are less likely to miss work due to illness and even less likely to succumb to prolonged illnesses like Strokes, Heart Attacks and Cancer. Healthy employees are also more likely to be happy employees. Companies that invest in their employee’s health and wellness demonstrate that they care about their welfare. That type of commitment carries through to the employees, in turn it shows in their dedication to the company and the clients they serve.

For those reasons it’s important that a Corporate Wellness Program extends beyond just a gym membership or monthly lunch and learn. While both of those are important components they should really be just a piece of a complete solution. Let’s face it; this country is facing an obesity epidemic that is really staggering in its proportions. The long term effects on almost everything require that we act now. We need solutions but we need to make sure they are well thought out and effective. Unfortunately gym memberships don’t work. 45.5 million people own gym memberships and 80% of those people don’t use them.

What is the solution? We think the solution is all about addressing the complete employee. Weight loss requires several components: diet, exercise and most important the willingness to change behaviors. FitNut provides that complete solution: Nutrition programs that provide all levels of support from education seminars to on-line tracking, Fitness programs that are fun and effective. Lastly and most importantly programs to guide employees through changing their behavior.

Corporate Wellness Program

We address the whole employee, for a whole solution. Helping employers reduce the bottom line both on paper and keeping their most important asset, healthy, happy and productive employees. Call us today to find out more about our state of the art corporate wellness programs! 303-955-8049

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