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Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learns

Corporate Wellness Programs - Lunch and LearnsCorporate Wellness Lunch & Learns Seminars


• Defining Nutrients (Basics)
• Understanding Diets
• When Diet and Exercise Don’t Seem to be Working
• Foundations and Body Typing
• Straight Talk about Fast Food
• Portion Control: Why Diets Fail
• Food and Stress
• Do You Need Supplements?
• Family Nutrition: What Kids Will Eat
• The Whole Foods Advantage
• Economics of a Healthy Diet

• Do what you enjoy
• Putting effort to work for you
• Lightweight resistance training
• Getting to the core of things
• Flexibility for longevity


• SMART Goals Seminar
• Living the Less-Stress Lifestyle I: Start S.M.A.R.T!
• Living the Less-Stress Lifestyle II: Finish S.T.R.O.N.G!
• Easy ways to reduce stress
• Stress and the holidays
• Change for Good! How to Let Go of a Bad Habit and Create a Better One
• How to Stop Doing What You DON’T Want and Start Doing What You DO Want!
• How to Change Your Mind, Change Your Behaviors, and Change Your Life

Find out how your company can benefit from a Wellness Program

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