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Denver Boulder Farm To Table

Colorado Real - Farm To Table Denver BoulderDenver and Boulder are VERY supportive of local growers and markets, but not everyone knows how to find great sources of good food every week or month. With that in mind, Colorado Real offers Farm to Table programs to help local people connect with farmers for healthy, fresh food – Farm to Table!

Barbara Kingsolver writes that “if everyone ate just one meal from local sources every day, we would solve the fuel crisis” (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle 2008). This data was pulled from our own government statistics, and sheds a whole new perspective on our dependence for foreign oil. Our global food chain has become a major catalyst for fuel consumption, and it is true that we consume more energy transporting food then the food supplies as energy in our bodies. Inefficient growing practices, food processing, and storage, as well as our system of transporting foodstuffs thousands of miles between the field and the end consumer account for most of this energy consumption. In face, studies estimate that it takes an average of seven to ten calories of input energy to produce one calorie of food.

Denver Boulder Farm-to-Table

Farm-to-table is a term used to describe a more intimate relationship between the people who eat food and the people who produce food. In our current movement of healthy, sustainable food products, we see ranchers and farmers returning to traditional practices that are natural and organic. Individuals are also returning to the Victory Garden ideal to produce healthy produce to feed themselves and family. These farms and ranches are usually smaller than the large industrialized operations, and are found scattered throughout communities. Some commercial operations are as small as a backyard garden. Gardeners within a neighborhood may band together to form a neighborhood-supported agriculture (NSA), or communities may designate a plot of earth where members can cultivate fruits and vegetables in a small portion of the community garden for personal consumption, community sharing, or even sold at farmers markets.

Some of these operations are offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares as part of their farm-to-table business model. This allows individuals to do business directly with the farmers instead of doing business solely with grocers and processed food companies. Many CSA’s offer a limited number of shares to people willing to commit to the entire growing season. In Colorado, that is about 26 weeks paid up front.

Members of a CSA can choose to pick their package up at the farm, or possibly, at a more convenient distribution site. Another type of food share program offers weekly orders of organic produce from around country, Mexico, and a few other origins, delivered directly to your home. This type of share would be a type of ‘flexible CSA’.

Colorado REAL – A Different Kind Of Farm To Table Program

  • All of the products in our basic package are grown and or processed in Colorado
    by Colorado small businesses
  • Colorado REAL is a year-round program reflecting seasonal food traditions
    throughout all of the seasons
  • Colorado REAL blends the convenience of fewer billing cycles without the
    dramatic up-front expense of committing to the entire year
  • InSite Wellness is a Gluten-less company
  • Colorado REAL is designed and managed by a Master Nutrition Therapist
  • Our commitment to you doesn’t stop with a bag of vegetables. Members have
    access to our website newsletter, recipes, special offers, and fun nutrition facts

Find Out More About Colorado Real – Call Today 303-955-8049!

A note from Jaye:

Don’t get me wrong; I think fruits and vegetables are superfoods in their own right. Creating a healthfully balanced diet also involves an element of integrity and biodiversity.

Most people do not realize that we still have over 80,000 varieties of rice, about 4000 varieties of potatoes, and around 7500 varieties of tomatoes… just to name a few. The same is true within the animal sources of our food. Since the Second World War there has been a mass industrialization of our food supply. Mass production has directly limited the biodiversity in the food you buy at the grocery store. These limitations are all in the name of rapid production and extended shelf life. The most unfortunate byproduct of food processing is that the overall nutrient quality of our food has greatly diminished.

Now, there is no way for me to expose you to all 4000 varieties of potatoes as a member of Colorado REAL. What you will experience is a varied and diverse package of nutrient-rich foods grown, baked or packaged in Colorado by responsible folks who are just as passionate about food as I am. Your produce is picked ripe and delivered directly to you. Best of all, you get to enjoy all the benefits of truly healthy food delivered right to your door. We will even provide you with a whole website full of information and healthy delicious recipes to help you get the most out of your share.

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