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Heart Zones Training Feb 12th and 13th – Denver Colorado

This Heart Zones Cardio Fitness Training course is for both athletes and trainers. We will be offering classes in how to use the Heart Zones fitness system with Certification training to follow.

Heart Zones Cylcling Class Denver

Ready to get inspired? Or, would you like to help and inspire others? That’s one important reason to register for the upcoming event: Heart Zones TRAINING Foundation Seminar plus a workshop followed by advanced Heart Zones Certification, in Lakewood (Suburb of Denver) Colorado at NPTI Colorado on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 12-13th

For Everyone- Max Heart Rate Seminar & Workshop

This 4-hour seminar provides the foundation to build a better understanding and experience using the Heart Zones cardio-fitness system. Heart Zones Training is focusing in on your own personal cardio zones.

For Personal Trainers and Enthusiasts – The Certification Level 1

This next 4-hour specialty cardio certification course includes the foundation seminar, Personal Trainer Manual, certification of completion and CEU’s.

For Personal Trainers and Enthusiasts – The Certification Level 2

If you are ready to move up to the next level in Heart Zones Training, this 4-hour advanced course offers all you need to take your game to the next level. You will learn how to administer fitness assessments and teach cardio-training in every workout with your clients as well as learn to build cardiovascular training plans for your clients.

Your Seminar Leaders:

Sally Edwards, MA, MBA:
Founder and CEO of Heart Zones, creator of the Heart Zones training system. She is the author of dozens of books on health and fitness including the popular Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook to Heart Zones Training and also a National Spokes woman for the Trek Womens Triathlon and a celebrity triathlete and Triathlon Hall of Fame member.

Krista McGalliard, MPT:
Master Heart Zones Trainer and a leading expert on cardio-training. Krista is an Ultra Endurance athlete of 15 years, a certified personal trainer and fitness expert. She believes through achieving fitness goals, the rest of your life will too be enhanced

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Get A New Heart Rate Monitor

Not only do you get a 50-page booklet, a sub-max test, a 4-hour course, max and zones cards – but you get a $79.95 heart rate monitor - the Blink heart rate monitor.

This is an important seminar, workshop, and certification from the experts on cardio-training. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up today

Save 20% off your registration fee.

By simply registering before February 4th, 2011! Regular rates will apply when registering the last week before the seminar date.
Note: this discount is automatically applied at the time of check out.

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