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The Health Risks of Soda

The health risks of soda are becoming increasingly clear, but the “average” American still drinks about 50 gallons of pop per year.

If you are among the addicted, don’t worry: we have a healthy living soda alternative!

The Health Risks of SodaSoda pop health risks can not be overstated. Studies support the idea that soda consumption plays an important role in the exploding levels of childhood obesity, and what was once called “adult onset” diabetes among children.

In February of 2010, The Joint Committee on Taxation projected that a 3-cent tax on each sweetened 12-ounce soda would generate revenues of $51.6 billion over ten years.

A little exercise in math suggests that the industry for sugared sodas alone is a 173.3 billion dollar industry!! So what is it about soda that has people hooked??

The Health Risks of Soda – Bubbles and sugar!

Cycling, triathlon and endurance coach Chris Carmichael did a study and found that people drink more when a beverage is carbonated, and we all know the allure of sugar. So here is my workaround for a healthy soda alternative. It is much lower in sugar and missing all the other funky chemicals. Just mix carbonated mineral water with 100 percent fruit juice of your choice (not concentrated). Mix no more than a 50/50 ratio and change up your fruit juice once in a while. We like grapefruit juice in the summer.

With so much research against it and so many healthy thirst quenchers out there, the reasons to drink soda evaporate like carbonation bubbles. Especially in the heat of summer, the health risks of soda should not be overlooked!

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